How To Force The Tango Update Via Zune!

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Force_tango_zune_8112So there’s a hard way to force the Tango [MCR3] update onto your phone. You have to get the resources together, and there’s no guarantee that you won’t brick your phone in the process. There is though, an even simpler method that goes back to the NoDo update.


  • Turn off WiFi and Data on the phone [and or remove sim card]
  • Connect phone to PC and let Zune start and sync
  • Go to settings in Zune and check for Updates
  • Let it check for 3 to 4 seconds and disconnect internet connection [Wlan]
  • Update notification should appear!
  • Reconnect internet and run update

The timing will vary, so you will have to experiment a bit on the timing. Now the first update that comes through will be for OS version 7.10.8112, so repeat the process again to update to OS version 7.10.8773.98, [MCR3].

This method worked on two unbranded HTC devices that I have, the Mozart and the HD7, so I assume it will work for similar devices with no carrier branding. It should also work with devices that are carrier branded, if the carrier has announced that they have finished testing and are waiting on Microsoft to roll out. What are you waiting for, give it a go.


  1. Ranga Ud says

    This article was great. It worked for me and now I’m getting the 3rd update, which is from Nokia. I’m guessing it’s the long waited tethering update. By the way my phone is a Nokia Lumia 800 (Unlocked).

    • says

      Ranga, that is great to hear, glad you were successful with the updates. WOuld be great to know what features showed up and if you have tethering? Thanks also for confirming that this will work on Lumia models as well, that was the issue that I could not confirm :)

    • aswani09 says

      Will the update trick still work even when availability in Australia still says “Waiting for approval”? My product code is 059N6Q7.

  2. Matt says

    I also came across this process yesterday before reading your post. I have a LG E900 and took about 20 tries until I successfully got it to work. For me, I tried it anywhere between half a second (as mentioned by the other post I’d read), to your maximum of 4 seconds. Each time, it’d say it couldn’t make a connection. I got to the point where I pulled the SIM card out hoping that was the issue. When I finally got it to work, it was from waiting about 10 seconds before I disconnected my LAN connection.

    So thank you for your post. If it wasn’t for your success, I would have given up from my attempts yesterday and impatiently waited for the update to be pushed to my phone.

    • says

      Good one Matt, it also took me a lot of goes and the time did vary greatly as to when the update appeared, the 4 secs was a guidline only. Great that you hung in there, and the first LG I’ve heard of getting the update as well. Cheer for the feedback :)

  3. masi says

    Hi there,

    I tried this for atleast 10 min and it didnt work. Maybe my internet is too fast. The steps I took were :

    Took the sim out, so no wifi (which doesnt work anyway) and no 3g.

    Then connected to zune, clicked settings up top. Clicked phone, then update… it takes about 4 seconds and says Im on latest 7.10 (8107).

    So I clicked another item, then clicked update again, and disconnected wlan with varying durations, and every time it said it could not connect.

    Any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Masi, it’s a hit and miss method, and the length of time before you disconnect varies. I actually found it was quite quick, and 4 seconds is very approximate, some times it was quicker sometimes longer. I did two phones consecutively, and it took considerably longer for the second phone.

      I found though that it seemed more likely to work if I watched the data coming into the PC and when the download started to rise was when I disconnected. I also had the network connection and Zune open side by side in one screen, which meant I could turn off the connection quite quickly.

      Also the update has to be available on the MS servers for your particular device and carrier if your phone is branded. If unlocked, phone it just takes patience 😉

      • masi says

        Hi Peter,

        Thanks for the reply, I went down the root route. I made a Y-Cable and downgraded the SPL, which allowed me to install NextGen+ 3.3 Rom, which includes the latest stuff. Problem is I did all this hassle to solve one issue, which is the wifi doesnt work on my HD7 T9292, it never shows any wifi networks. But it was all for nothing, even the latest stuff doesnt seem to fix it, you mentioned that you had a HD7, did you ever have wifi issues? If so how did you solve them?

        Many thanks.

        • says

          I’ve got two HD7’s Masi, but have never had wifi problems with them. I wonder though, haven’t looked at the NextGen Rom, but does it include HTC firmware upgrades, I know there was one fairly recently. If you haven’t kept up with these it could be the issue. Did the wifi ever work, or did it stop working with time?

  4. masi says

    Hi Peter,

    My OS is 7.10.8779.8 but the firmware version is showing as NG+3.3, so the next gen rom is not showing it. I am new to the HD7 and flashing firmware/updates etc, so I dont have a clear idea of how to get to the latest firmware. My idea is somehow flash the stock mango firmware, then use cab updates to get it to the latest, that is if I can find them. This is because I dont think the custom rom will allow me to add any HTC updates to it.

    Is the link you gave the LATEST version of the firmware? I mean is that what my aim should be?

    As far as wifi working, I bought the phone a week ago, I got the wifi to work once or twice by master resets, once it worked for a while and after an update and restarts, I didnt see it again.

    • says

      Cool, the OS version you have is a little bit beyond what i have, but still Tango, as for firmware, you should be able to go to the thread where you got the rom and see what firmware version, radio the cook who put it together used. You can though flash firmware versions in the same way as the cab updater, or in a modified RUU package that will reset the phone as you flash.

      One of the drawbacks of using cab updater is that it only flashes the OS, but does not necessarily mean that you can not get updates via the zune client as well, although some custom Roms do not update normally.

      Just a general thought though, go to settings, wifi and set the switch for wifi on off on off a couple of times.

  5. Deepak says

    Excellent tips , I updated my Lumia800 in India (Ranchi) very easily in 2-3 trial.
    Thanksssssss ….a lot.

  6. robin says

    I read from another article: disconnect at 11-th second. I got it worked 3 times, 8112, 8773, 8779.
    It works like charm.

    • says

      The time can vary greatly Robin, it is just a guideline, when I did it I did not have a stop watch running or anything like that :) I take it from the 8779 that you have a Lumia, in the states maybe?

  7. Onigiri Sama says

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve just tried it, and like you said, it’s playing with the seconds what does the trick. My Lumia800 is updating as we speak!

  8. Mr Firework says

    Anybody there please help me :( I got my Lumia 800 updated 2 times: 8112 and 8773, however it is not a Tango yet because there was nothing changed and nothing (such as internet sharing, nokia market place…etc) added.

    I just learnt that the problem comes from the lack of Nokia firmware which is supposed to come together with 8773 :( What should I do now? Actually I have tried to restore the phone and update it to 8773 once again but the Nokia firmware still doesn’t come… gonna throw the phone out of the window now T_T

    • says

      Mr Firework, from what I understand, the firmware update should come after the 8773 update, whether it will come automatically, be detected by Zune after 8773 is installed is the question. If it does not try the timing trick again with Zune to see if it comes as a third update 😉

  9. Mr Firework says

    Thanks Pete, I tried spending hours for the Nokia firmware but failed :(… I decided to use the OEM cab sender from XDA finally… everything seems fine now :)

  10. Ralph says

    Tried but no results :( removed the sim card, turned wifi and data off. 710 Tmobile. followed all the steps except I turn off my laptop’s wifi connection instead of disconnecting the wlan (i dnt use the wlan anyway)

  11. Ansh says

    Hey Peter, thanks for your suggestion! I’d heard of this trick and tried previously but it didn’t work so I gave up. Read your post, tried today and it worked! The problem is, just as the update was about to finish, my phone got disconnected. When I rebooted my phone, it said the phone has been successfully updated but I’m worried if disconnecting it mid way did some damage to the software. I’m a noob, so I really have no idea of how this might or might not affect my phone, so please let me know if I have something to worry about at all.

    • says

      As long as you got the successful update message Ansh, you should be fine. Once the update has gone beyond installing the update, and is trying to reboot the phone, or at the last bit where the phone has rebooted and Zune hasn’t quite finished, it is okay but not advised to disconnect.

      Look, if you have any problems you can always restore the backup created when you ran the update and try again :)

  12. says

    OK, it’s 25 days after the release of Tango, and according to everything I read I should have it by now (officially, without having to trick anything).
    I’ve tried the disconnect technique to no avail a number of times, but with no success (I have a wired connected to my ADSL, so I’m yanking the Ethernet cable, that should work right?). I’ve tried different timing, I even tried having the network monitor open so I could see when the traffic was peaking. All up, maybe about 2hrs wasted.

    • says

      Neil, I really don’t know what to say to you. Except be patient, as vodafone outlined their rollout when they announced availability, the wait for some through official channels would be at least 8 weeks. The roll out seems to be taking the same schedule worldwide.

      As for this method, just by the comments it has a fairly good strike rate, it’s all in the timing. I would try, instead of yanking the cable, open network and connection settings on the PC, next to the Zune client, and try disconnecting internet/network connection from there. I certainly didn’t get it to work the first time I tried it, but I thought about it and had another go and it worked.

  13. Manoj says

    hi friends,
    I am using dell venue pro. I updated my phone to 7.10.7720.68. How can I update my mobile? I tried force update several times but Its not working for me. Please help me out. I am in India.

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